Owner/Office Manager

   Many tend to view window cleaning as a project requiring little effort. "Why not do it myself?" one may say- and then they tried it. No, window cleaning is not rocket science, but we at Roomillum have certainly made it one by knowing what level of detail our customers demand and what sort of burden it can alleviate when it comes to clearing up their view.


    We only use professional equipment that the industry recommends. This greatly minimizes, if not eliminates, the chances of your windows being scratched or damaged while being serviced.

Therefore, it's not just about having the right tools, but it's knowing how to use them. That is what you should expect from a Professional Company that values the investment you made in your home or business.


     We hold ourselves to a higher standard at Roomillum with nearly a decade of experience acquired. We look forward to providing you with our services. After, you won't see it any other way.

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