We Aren't Blind to Blinds

Blinds. They are what separate us from the early rays of sunlight in the morning or the flood of light into our homes during sunset. A majority of the time we don't pay much mind to them except on these occasions. And its then when we also observe something else, when raising or lowering our blinds: The dust that makes that suffocating cloud around us!

As sufferers of allergies, the majority of us are in the valley, this poses a big problem for our health and the quality of life in our home. Of course no type of blinds are immune, whether they be: Wood, Vinyl, Metal or Composite. That means ALL equally need to be cleaned regularly. Easier said then done. A tedious task, it certainly is.

As our customers have noticed about our work already, tedious is kinda our thing. We do the above mentioned types of blinds. Give a call for a free quote on what it would be to make your dwelling that much cleaner and healthier!

Starts with Vacuuming

On MiniBlinds, a great deal of grime and dust get built up over time. Why? Because its no easy or joyous task to clean them, and it certainly isn't a quick process!

There are many ideas on how MiniBlinds should be cleaned, but some things should be kept in mind:

Issue #1- How do you begin? Microfibre rags, blind devices sold in stores, bucket of soapy water?

Solution- Do any of the above methods mentioned above and your going to be left with a mess on your hands. The best and most effective way to start is by using a strong vacuum with a stiff brush attachment. This removes a great deal of the majority of dirt.

Scrubbing Blinds

Issue #2- The inner mechanisms located in the top area of the blinds are metal and plastic. This poses rust and frailty issues if they get wet.

Solution- Roomillum leaves your blinds in their location rather than removing them and taking them somewhere to either be immersed or sprayed. Avoiding the issue all together, the blinds are scrubbed carefully inside. This also greatly reduces the chance of them becoming damaged in transportation and handling.

Drying Buffing Blinds

Issue #3- Spots. Spots. Spots! After the dirt is removed we want more than just the idea of them being cleaned, but to look clean. Spots develop easily on metal blinds.

Solution- With our 2 part drying/buffing method it takes a little extra time, but the effort is worth it by its results. Spot Free!

Blinds Cleaned and Dirty

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